Cellular Service

Service providers can lose as much as $1M a day when service goes down. Trailer towers have 50 ft masts (too short), and 400 ft temporary towers require a field for guide ropes and take a day to erect (too much room, too slow). We can put up a “tower” at 400 ft in 40 seconds from the space of a parking spot and fly for over a week while damaged infrastructure is rebuilt. Our proprietary tether gives our drones as much available bandwidth and range as the original cell tower.

Tethered Drones as Interim Towers

  • Flies for over a week between service
  • 400 feet in 40 seconds
  • 30 degree offset to avoid obstructions
  • Unhackable drone command and control
  • 45+mph winds / 70 mph gusts
  • Automated takeoff, hover, and landing
  • High Bandwidth Communications
  • 12 / 12 Gbps per fiber
  • 2 or more fibers per sector
  • Scalable for purpose
  • Customized RF front end for cellular, TMR, etc.
  • Compatible with virtually any communications format