Why Equinox Tethered Drones?

Tethered Drones Are Different:

  • Virtually unlimited flight time, electricity, and bandwidth
  • Can carry antennas, cameras, laser tools, and other electronics
  • Fly at up to 400 feet on precision auto-pilot for weeks both stationary or moving
  • The drone and its payloads get power and data through an un-hackable smart tether

A New Paradigm

Traditional drones fly high and far, but are limited in how much they can carry, how long they can fly, and how much power they can provide to electronics. For situations requiring instant elevation of power and data, intensive sensor or communications equipment, a tethered drone can be a very effective tool – especially because they can be used above both fixed sites or moving vehicles.

Rapid Deployment

The drone takes the place of a rapidly-deployable 400-foot tower. However, this “tower” can be easily transported, instantly erected, and can even provide service from a moving vehicle. A drone tether is a cable that provides power and data transmission between a drone and its ground station. Tethers make it possible for drones to host very high-powered electronics without landing for days at a time, but current offerings do not support adequate data throughput to take advantage of the available and power (imagine a super computer on dial-up internet). Drone tethers also make drone command and control un-hackable. Our patent-pending designs increase the available data throughput far beyond any current drone-mountable system capacity.

Our Passion is Communications

As experts in micro-electronics, RF engineering, signal processing, optics, aerospace, and power conversion, we optimize the available trade space to power communications and sensor configurations that break new ground in cellular, military, and public safety communications alongside multi-sensor configurations for infrastructure inspection, first responder situational awareness, and military operations.