Ultra-High Bandwidth Tethered Drone Solutions

Drone Solutions

Communications, situational awareness, and expanding high-speed networks are at the core of what we do best. Solutions on free-flying drones lack the ability to accommodate bandwidth of powerful sensors. Featuring automated takeoff and landing, stationary and mobile auto-pilot, station-keeping, variable offset, and telemetry systems – safety and easy operation are as good as it gets.


Dramatic productivity gains and liability reductions can be achieved through customized solutions for system implementation. Equinox reduces fundamental costs associated with manpower, fuel, aircraft dependence, SATCOM bandwidth consumption, operational risk, and insurance liability.


The ability to support the spectrum of requirments in this challenging landscape. Our team deliveers solutions to handle emerging threats to include: Assessments and Reconaisance, Offensive Security, Penetration Testing and Ethical Response. We provide a competitive advantage in any situation requiring fast, reliable, sustainable results.


Unlike anything else across a vast industry. Our patented solutions surpass tethered drone solutions that still use traditional digital fiber optics. Communications, surveillance, and inspection systems are all enhanced by our Patent Pending solution. Elevation and bandwidth are no longer barriers to imediate deployments of communications systems.

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Cellular Services

We launch a drone in place of a tower at 400 ft in 40 seconds. All it needs is the space of a parking spot and it can remain in flight for weeks while the damaged infrastructure is rebuilt. Our proprietary tether gives our drones as much available bandwidth and range as the original cell tower.

Infrastructure Inspection

These configurations enable the simultaneous operation of 4 to 5 sensors ranging from EO, thermal, UV, IR, LiDAR, RADAR, laser measurement, laser ranging, ultra-wideband RF scanning, and more – all time and location stamped by GPS and altimeter. We eliminate the need for onboard storage by sending all that data down the tether for real or post-process analysis. Our packages are fully compatible with a wide array of cloud storage and analytic products as well as 3-D modeling that make inspection faster, more productive, and less expensive. Cell towers, high-voltage power lines, pipeline, and oil rig inspection all stand to benefit here from significant productivity gains and liability reduction.

Public Safety Communications

Many older cities prohibit the installation of communications network infrastructure on historic buildings, creating gaps in coverage inside densely populated areas. So, Fire and Law Enforcement units are often required to respond to dangerous situations without radio communications. Since some number of service vehicles host in-vehicle repeaters serving as mobile network hubs, we offer the capability to tether that repeater to a drone serving as a “mobile communications tower” that can get an antenna above the rooftops. This then reconnects units on scene with headquarters and surrounding units. This capability can also serve to augment emergency responders operating in rural areas beyond communications coverage.

Military Applications

Military convoys in harm’s way often depend on aircraft with flight time, extremely expensive satellite bandwidth, or low-bandwidth HF radios to provide convoy communications on the move. We can replace those expensive, limited solutions in many cases with a tethered drone flying above a moving vehicle providing a 20+ mile broadband communications umbrella with unlimited flight time. Further, we can add capabilities to that system enabling roadside bomb (IED) and adversary detection including ground-penetrating RADAR, battlefield RADAR, signals intercept/direction-finding/geolocation, laser range-finding/designation, optical/thermal sensors, Electronic Warfare capabilities, and more.

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