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Equinox Products

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Falcon Heavy Drone
Falcon Heavy
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Falcon Hybrid Drone
Falcon Hybrid-Electric
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Falcon Medium Drone and Tether Box
Falcon Medium
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Falcon Light Drone
Falcon Light
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Falcon Efficient Drone
Falcon Efficient
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Tether Box
Tether System

Tethered Drone Solutions for every Space


Equinox equipment is uniquely constructed for emergency response and unmanned infrastructure inspection. The largest energy suppliers in the world use our products to keep critical infrastructure safe, maximized, and running smoothly.

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Trusted by multiple branches of the US Military, Equinox delivers autonomy, reliability, and precision in the environments where they’re needed most. Founded by combat veterans and intelligence professionals, we enable today’s warfighter with unmatched capabilities on the battlefield.

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Stay connected with the industry leader in high-capacity aerial cellular deployables. Our patented tether system was designed to provide enough bandwidth to support more than 20,000 simultaneous 4G/5G users. Our development in flight control autonomy and battery management makes it possible to operate 30 lb payloads unattended for 30 days of continuous flight. Replace more than ten 80-foot temporary towers with a single Falcon Heavy that packs up in the bed of a truck.

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Public Safety

Quickly deploy a camera, radio repeater, and emergency lighting on a tethered drone that is ready to launch in under two minutes. Maintain persistent situational awareness and reliable communications without dependence on extensive pilot training.

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Equinox Capabilities

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All Weather

Equinox drones are designed to handle extreme weather conditions. Hot and cold temperatures, high-winds, dust, rain, sleet, snow.

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Our systems redefine what's possible with payload capacity up to 30 lbs.

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Unlimited Flight Time

Equinox tethered systems fly for 30 days or more without landing, while our hybrid systems carry heavy payloads at 9,000 feet for 2+ hours.

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Autonomous Mobile Landing

AI-managed flights simplify controls and automate precision landings on moving platforms to dramatically reduce risk and improve reliability.

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Turnkey or Modular

Highly adaptable payload supports simultaneous multi-mission capabilities without compromising power or connectivity. Payloads include camera, direction finder, radios (mesh, SIGINT) or CUAS.

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Highly Autonomous

Our flight control interface is as easy as launching and landing — no prior expertise or extensive pilot training required.

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Ultra-high Network Speeds

Our unhackable drone tether provides eight bi-directional channels of 40 GBPS Ethernet or analog signal paths.

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Cell Tower on Tethered Drone

Equinox drones are equipped to replace short temporary towers with one ultra-high 400-foot, providing coverage to up to 20,000 simultaneous 4G-5G users.

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Made in the USA

Equinox proudly manufactures our products in Maryland, fully customizable for any project, mission or use case.

The Equinox Advantages

Blending warzone experience
with drone technology expertise
to make the world safer and more connected


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